Mar 2, 2009

Green Jobs at STRIVE

One of the most interesting areas for development in reentry is around "green collar jobs." Promoted by folks like Van Jones, Thomas Friedman, and Majora Carter, green collar jobs are middle-skill jobs that both help the environment and offer a living wage to the worker doing the labor.

As many have noted (including the current president), green collar jobs can be a pathway out of poverty for many low-income people, including those with criminal records. In its recommendations for workforce development, the Upper Manhattan Reentry Task Force has suggested utilizing Department of Labor information to identify growth sectors in the New York
City economy, including “green collar” jobs. On the ground, some of our colleagues uptown are already doing the work.

STRIVE, which stands for Support and Training Result in Valuable Employees, is a recognized innovative leader in job-readiness programs combining attitudinal training with fundamental job skills, and long-term participant follow-up.

In East Harlem, they've just launched a Green Construction Training Program, a unique course that prepares participants for careers in the construction and green energy building and maintenance field. This 12 week training program introduces students to electrical, carpentry, and plumbing, as well as to hazardous materials handling and green energy efficiency building retrofitting.

They're accepting referrals now -- call them toll free at (877) 787-4834 or at (212) 360-1100 for more information.