May 6, 2009

Chart: Financial Consequences of Criminal Convictions

Legal interns at the Feerick Center Social Justice Clinic at Fordham University School of Law recently completed a chart outlining the financial consequences of criminal convictions.

The Feerick Center aims to help create social justice using innovative problem-solving techniques. The Center identifies and takes on discrete poverty-related issues to explore new approaches to social justice, serve the disenfranchised, and educate both lawyers and the public about the workings of the legal system, as well as the importance of social justice.

The chart primarily provides a summary of the financial consequences that male and female reentrants may encounter. The chart includes specific ranges of money allowed by law to be levied for a particular fine, fee or surcharge and the possible consequences of leaving those debts unpaid. It also includes information regarding the consequences of non-payment of restitution and child support.

We are much indebted to the Feerick Center for passing along such a comprehensive resource!