Apr 27, 2009

Frontline: Reentry for Individuals with Mental Health Issues

Tomorrow, Frontline (PBS) will air a piece about the particular challenges that reentrants with serious mental health issues face upon release from incarceration.

Sadly, incarceration can serve as a stabilizing influence for these individuals, as facilities have mental health and nursing professional who can provide treatment, both chemical and therapeutic. When reentrants with mental health problems leave incarceration, they are often left to their own devices and those without family or community support can find themselves in dangerous and illegal situations fairly quickly.

The trailers for this show seem to indicate that Frontline will explore these challenges and, hopefully, highlight some of the solutions. In New York, the piece should air on Channel 13 (PBS) tomorrow at 9:00 pm.

For more information about innovative approaches to mental health and criminal justice system, check out the Brooklyn Treatment Court.