Jun 1, 2009

Customer Service Training at the Workforce 1 Career Center

From our partners at the Upper Manhattan Workforce 1 Career Center:

"The Upper Manhattan WF1CC will be partnering with Community Training & Employment Resources (CTER) to hold its second three week Customer Service Training. CTER provides job readiness and job search training for adults seeking to improve their employability skills and successfully compete in today’s job market. For each training, they collaborate with business leaders from various industries to craft a customer service curriculum customized to the needs of participating companies. The combination of customer service and targeted job readiness skills develops candidates who are diligent workers, willing to accept challenges, and eager to contribute to the success of their employer’s business. CTER also engages the resources of community partners to provide career coaching and mentors to help job seekers prepare for employment and succeed in the workplace.

The training will begin July 20, 2009 and ends August 6, 2009. We are seeking to recruit candidates for this training, which will be held here at the Upper Manhattan WF1CC.
Candidates must meet the following basic requirements:

v High School Diploma or GED
v Previous customer service experience
v Can read and write at an 8th grade level

If you identify individuals who meet the above criteria and have an interest in building a career in customer service within one of the following fields:

· Communication
· Healthcare
· Utilities
· Food Service & Hospitality
· Retail
· Financial Services

Please have them call the number on the attached flyer for a pre-screening. If they are deemed appropriate, they will be scheduled for a final screening by CTER on Friday, June 12 or Friday June 26, 2009."