Jun 19, 2009

New Jersey Parole Chair Visits Harlem Reentry Court

Chairman Yolette C. Ross of the New Jersey State Parole Board visited the Harlem Community Justice Center's Parole Reentry Court this week. Chairman Ross, pictured here with Justice Center Director Chris Watler, is seeking to improve outcomes for parolees in her New Jersey. Begun in 2001, the Reentry Court, a collaboration between the Justice Center and the State Division of Parole, manages parolees during their first six months of parole. Reentry Court participation has led to lower rates of recidivism and technical violations for graduates of the six-month program. Through a collaborative case management approach the Reentry Court increases accountability while providing wrap-around services to parolees. An evaluation of the Reentry Court is currently underway with results expected in the fall of 2009.