Oct 29, 2009

Center for Court Innovation wins the 2009 Drucker Award for Nonprofit Innovation

Good news for our parent organization, the Center for Court Innovation: we've just found out that the Center is the recipient of this year's Drucker Award, a prestigious $100,000 prize for important contributions to nonprofit performance.

"What the Center is doing is a great example of the way Peter Drucker defined innovation: change that creates a new dimension of performance," said Rick Wartzman, executive director of the Drucker Institute. "Through its work, the Center has literally changed the way that the major players in the system -- judeges, attorneys, criminal justice officials -- think about their jobs and the impact they're having. Through its community-court model, the Cetner has been able to take low-level offenders and give them a chance to repair the harm they've done and be reintegrated into the fabric of their neighborhoods. Victims, meanwhile, are given a greater voice in the process and have enjoyed enhanced safety."