Oct 2, 2009

Good News! Task Force Receives Funding from the Second Chance Act!

Today, we learned that the Upper Manhattan Reentry Task Force will be receiving federal funding under the Second Chance Act, totaling roughly $700,000. The funding was awarded to the Mayor's Office of the Criminal Justice Coordinator, through whom the Harlem Community Justice Center is a subcontractor.

Not only will this enable us to implement an adult reentry demonstration project (in other words, continue to help state and local agencies implement programs and strategies to reduce recidivism and ensure safe and successful reentry through the Task Force), but it will also allow us to add a new mentoring capacity to the Harlem Parole Reentry Court.

We are particularly excited about this because it represents recognition from the federal government that a collaborative and problem-solving approach to reentry is the way to go. Many thanks to our local partners for the work they have done over the years (check out a list of them on the right-hand side of this blog) to help us secure this funding and the opportunity to achieve even greater results for people returning from prison and jail!