Apr 29, 2010

"The People Prison's Make"

From the National Reentry Resource Center:

The National Reentry Resource Center website will carry a live broadcast of The Occasional Series on Reentry Research, hosted by the Prisoner Reentry Institute at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The event will begin at 9:00 a.m. ET, on Friday, April 30, 2010. This installment of the series is titled: "The Prisons People Make: Effects of Incarceration on Criminal Psychology" and will feature Amy Lerman, associate professor of Politics and Public Affairs at Princeton University; Brian Fischer, commissioner of the New York State Department of Corrections; and Eric McCalvin, graduate of the Center for Employment Opportunities.

From the Prisoner Reentry Institute:

Given the majority of individuals incarcerated will one day be released from prison, it is imperative that that we identify and understand the effect the prison environment has on criminal psychology. Dr. Lerman’s research explores whether incarceration in different types of correctional facilities have criminogenic consequences. Research findings and policy implications will be discussed.

To watch the live broadcast, please visit www.nationalreentryresourcecenter.org on Friday morning and click on the link in the “What’s New” section.

For more information about the Prisoner Reentry Institute or The Occasional Series on Reentry Research, contact Anna Crayton (acrayton@jjay.cuny.edu.)