Aug 23, 2010

Bars to Education: NY1's Series on Education in the NYC Jail System

Although youth are afforded a constitutional right to education in New York State,  many youth who have contact with the criminal justice system are denied a meaningful education while incarcerated and frequently have trouble accessing education upon release. Last week, NY1 began airing Bars to Education, a week long series on educational issues confronted by the 12,000 New York City students a year who go to school behind bars.

The final episode of the series, "Part 7: Transition Programs Key To Ending Jail Cycle, Advocates Say" focuses on reentry from jail and the efforts currently being undertaken to break the cyle of incarceration, which includes ensuring youth are not turned away from the school system once released from jail. 

NY1's site has each episode available here:

PART 1 Bars To Education: Incarcerated Youth Already Saddled With School Problem
PART 2 Bars To Education: Island Academy Struggles To Find Identity
PART 3 Bars To Education: Officials, Advocates See Real Opportunity For Reform
PART 4 Bars To Education: Rikers Island Teens Have Idle Summers Without School
PART 5 Bars To Education: Westchester School Gives City's Incarcerated Youth A Fighting Chance
PART 6 Bars To Education: Reforms Try To Bring Jail Schools Under Firmer City Control
PART 7 Bars To Education: Transition Programs Key To Ending Jail Cycle, Advocates Say