Jan 12, 2011

GAINS Center to host Collateral Consequences Webinar January 18

Collateral Consequences: Involvement in the Criminal Justice System

Tuesday, January 18th – 3:00-5:00pm ET
The SAMHSA National GAINS Center is pleased to announce its upcoming Collateral Consequences: Involvement in the Criminal Justice System webinar as part of its technical assistance to justice-involved consumer/veteran focused initiatives across the nation.

“Collateral consequences” are indirect barriers individuals involved in the criminal justice system face as a result of their past experiences. These collateral consequences are often hidden and hard to identify until an individual is faced with having to directly deal with these consequences. They frequently impact on such areas as housing, employment and other benefits. Consequences are diverse and vary from state to state.

This webinar will: (1) identify many of the “collateral consequences” faced by people with histories of involvement in the criminal justice system; (2) identify strategies for eliminating or mitigating these consequences; and (3) provide concrete strategies for planners, service recipients, providers and advocates to use when addressing these barriers.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will learn the following:
· What constitutes a collateral consequence
· The impact of collateral consequences in areas such as housing and employment
· Strategies for eliminating or mitigating collateral consequences, including less than honorable discharges
· How supporting staff and prospective staff address collateral consequences
· New shifts and public policy directions

Guy Gambill
Justice Policy Institute

Sean Clark
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Office of Mental Health Services

Gretchen Rohr
DC Jail & Prison Advocacy Project, University Legal Services

Clarence Jordan
ValueOptions Behavioral Health Services

Roberta Meyers-Peeples
Legal Action Center’s National H.I.R.E. Network

Call/Login Information
· To participate, simply call 1-888-456-0336. Your conference number is PW2346131 and your audience passcode is: JDTR.

It is usually helpful to join the call 15 minutes in advance, so we can ensure that your technology is working properly. Space is limited.