Jan 26, 2011

Keeping Families Together, Supportive Housing Webinar

The Impact of Supportive Housing on Chronically Homeless, Child Welfare Involved Families Webinar

February 2, 2011
2:00pm ET 

We invite you to participate in an exclusive 60-minute webinar co-hosted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Corporation for Supportive Housing to share evaluative data from the cutting-edge Keeping Families Together pilot program. The evaluation demonstrates the impact of supportive housing on families who are chronically homeless and child welfare involved. The Keeping Families Together pilot program was designed to answer the question: “With the right combination of affordable housing and supportive services, can highly vulnerable families provide a stable, healthy environment for their children, thus preventing child welfare involvement?”
Between October 2007 and July 2009, 29 New York City families participated in the program.  These families all had significant, sometimes intergenerational, histories of chronic homelessness, child welfare involvement, substance abuse or mental illness, interpersonal violence and trauma.
Evaluation results show that the Keeping Families Together pilot program holds real promise through a holistic  approach to affordable housing and services that preserves families experiencing serious challenges. The pilot shows  that we can bring families back from the brink of major crisis and reduce the cycle of homelessness and involvement with child welfare and other agencies.
Scheduled for Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. (EST) / 11:00 a.m. (PST), this webinar will provide a framework for the Keeping Families Together program and discuss evaluation results. Following the 40-minute presentation, all speakers will be available to answer your questions during a 20-minute Q&A session.
What you will learn:
  • The importance of connectivity in helping vulnerable families-specifically the impact of supportive housing on families who are chronically homeless and involved with child welfare.
  • Overview of the Keeping Families Together model-a practical approach that holds significant promise for preserving vulnerable families and improving their health.
  • Results from the Metis Associates evaluation on the Keeping Families Together pilot program.
Speakers will include:
  • Nancy Barrand, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Connie Temple, Corporation for Supportive Housing
  • Richard Cho, Corporation for Supportive Housing
  • Alison Harte, Corporation for Supportive Housing-Keeping Families Together
  • Metis Associates
  • Eric Nicklas, Child Welfare Expert and Former Keeping Families Together Workgroup Member
The deadline to register for this event is Monday, January 31. All participants will also have an opportunity to download an in-depth brochure detailing the program and a summary of the study results.
To register:
      1. Go to https://rwjf.webex.com/rwjf/onstage/g.php?      t=a&d=571998536
      2. Select Register.
      3. On the registration form, enter your information and then select Submit.
We encourage you to join us on Wednesday, February 2.
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