Jul 7, 2011

New Study Examines the Benefits of Access to Health Insurance for the Poor

According to the New York Times, a groundbreaking study by the National Bureau of Economic Research investigated the impact of access to Medicaid for the poor. The study was made possible when the state of Oregon  moved to expand access to Medicaid via a lottery in 2008. Over 90,000 persons applied for the 10,000 new Medicaid slots creating a comparison group (the gold standard of research).

The study found that those with Medicaid were more likely to avail themselves of health services, including: mammograms, doctor visits, and medicines to treat illnesses; Medicaid recipients were forty percent less likely to not pay a bill or borrow money as a result of a medical debt, according to the Times. The study is now comparing the medical outcomes of Medicaid recipients and non-recipients.  

To read the Times article by Gina Kolota click here.
To access the full study click here.