Dec 29, 2011

A Longer Time of Unemployment for Black Americans

WNYC news reported this week that Black Americans are not only more likely to be unemployed, but more likely to remain unemployed for a longer period, thanWhite Americans.

According the article, For Black Americans, A Longer Time Without Work, "Blacks make up about 10 percent of the full-time working population but 27 percent of the long-term unemployed — that is, those who haven't had a full-time job for a year or more. And unlike whites, blacks are more likely to be without a job at all."

Among reasons for the difference in unemployment rates, ecomists cite less education for blacks, job discrimination and huge slashes in public sector jobs where many African-Americans are employed.

Although over 120,000 new jobs were gained last month, the rate of long term unemployment for blacks has barely shifted.