Jan 10, 2013

Evidenced Based Reentry Practices in Action

Check out the Harlem Community Justice Center's "Evidenced Based Reentry Practices In Action" videos! In these videos, a few of the Harlem Community Justice Parole Reentry Court staff describe and demonstrate some of the evidenced based practices that are staples of the Reentry Court program.

The Use of Motivational Interviewing in Encouraging Change:

The development of supportive relationships between persons returning home and re-entry planners is essential to successful reentry. In this video two Harlem Reentry case managers explore the core communication skills of motivational interviewing and how it can be used to promote positive reentry outcomes and to empower clients. Click here.

A Family Approach to Reentry:

By incorporating families in the reentry process, corrections officers and clinical staff can help promote successful community integration and strengthen family systems.. In this video, Harlem Reentry staff explore the importance of family in the reentry process and how to engage families in providing support and resources to persons returning home. Click here.

Does your program reduce recidivism?: Program Evaluation:

Is the Harlem Parole Reentry Court effecting criminal justice related outcomes? In this video, senior research staff explains the randomized control trials we are using to evaluate the outcomes of our parole participants versus those who experience traditional parole. Click here.