Oct 7, 2009

New! National Reentry Resource Center Website

The Council of State Governments, in partnership with the Urban Institute, the Association of State Correctional Administrators, the American Probation and Parole Association, and a national advisory board; has just launched a great new reentry resource. Established under the Second Chance Act, the National Reentry Resource Center disseminates information about reentry issues and promotes best practices in the field.

Their goals:

  • Provide a one-stop, interactive source of current, user-friendly reentry information.
  • Identify, document, and promote evidence-based practices.
  • Deliver individualized, targeted technical assistance to the Second Chance Act grantees.
  • Advance the reentry field through training, distance learning, and knowledge development.
Why this is helping for you:

The site lists funding opportunities, has a searchable database of program examples, offers research on a number of different topics related to reentry, and provides information about how to start your own reentry initiative. Importantly, there is a set of resources just for people who are returning from prison, many of them created by partners of the Upper Manhattan Reentry Task Force.

Check it out!