Nov 22, 2010

Fortune Society to Host Certificate of Relief From Disabilities Clinic

The David Rothenberg Center for Public Policy and the Criminal Justice Committee of the NYC Bar Association will be hosting a Certificate of Relief From Disabilities and Certificate of Good Conduct Clinic for formerly incarcerated people who need assistance with the application process.

A Certificate can help when you are looking for work or applying for an occupational license. When you apply for a job or a license and you have a Certificate, an employer or licensing agency must consider it as evidence that you are “rehabilitated.” This means that your conviction should not result in your being rejected for employment or refused a license unless there is other evidence that you are not qualified.

Members of the Criminal Justice Committee ofthe NYC Bar Association will be working with DRCPP to evaluate applicants for eligibility criteria, assist with filling out the application, and help with the filing of the application itself.


Please email Tam Phan at, making sure to put “certificate clinic” in the subject line, as well as your name, phone number, email address. Tam can also be reached by phone at 212-691-7554 x435.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a training or forum on the topic. It is specifically for men and women with criminal histories who may benefit from the service.

Certificate of Relief/Good Conduct Clinic


December 8th from 6:30-9:00pm


The Fortune Society

29-76 Northern Boulevard,

Long Island City, NY 11101