Nov 23, 2010

Pro-Football Player Maurice Clarett Embraces His Second Chances

After spending three and a half years in prison, former NFL draft pick, Maurice Clarett is grateful for his second chances. The Washington Post article, "'Blessed' Clarett  plans to keep playing football," reports that that the Omaha Nighthawks  are considering putting him on the team's protected list for next season. Despite his 2006 conviction for aggravated robbery and carrying a concealed weapon and various other public tribulations, Mr. Clarett played for theNighthawks this past season. Mr. Clarett told the A.P that the Nighthawks' opportunity has been "a blessing from God." During his time in prison Clarett wrote a blog, "The Mind of Maurice Clarett" in which he shared his innermost thoughts with readers, narrated his "transformation" and expressed his intention to remain out of prison: "I am never coming back here, believe that. Never, I am cool on this. It is first-class living from the day I get out. I WILL NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS, EVER AGAIN. That goes for communication, personal relationships, housing, education, friendships, and travel arrangements. Everything. I have the fire in my eyes." Now that the season is over, Clarett plans on taking classes at Ohio State this Spring and completing his degree in gerontology.