May 4, 2011

ATI Reentry Coalition Reduces Recidivism and Saves Taxpayer Dollars

The Alternative To Incarceration (ATI) Reentry Coalition recently released its 2010 report documenting its contribution to public safety and taxpayer savings.  According to the report, while the annual yearly cost per person of jailing an adult is $76,000 and incarcerating an adult in prison is $55,000, most ATI programs cost $11,000 and have a combined recidivism rate of less than 20% after two years.

Here are a few highlights of the ATI Reentry Coalition members outcomes:
  • Of the 43 individuals who were housed in the Fortune Academy's phased permanent housing program, 36 of them remained in pernanemtn housing for at least one year, 36 remained unincarcerated and 97% or residents remained free of parole violations.
  • In CASES Nathaniel ACT Program, an ATI program for individuals with mental illess who have committed felonies, 67% released from the program were not convicted of a crime in the following two years.
  • Of the 48 youth classified as delinquent participating in Center for Community Alternative's Alternative to Placement Programs, only 9% were rearrrested and prosecuted in the following years.
To read the entire report, click here.